Nowadays it seems that just about everyone has a relative or friend who has ventured into the real estate job market. While hiring one of these new agents might seem like the right thing to do to help in their new career, we have many reasons why you should think twice before using a novice realtor when selling your home. Be smart and avoid the pitfalls with an experienced team on your side.

The professionals at the Snyder Realty Group located in Nashua, NH, have been in the business of helping people just like you for more than 20 years. That means they were involved in both buying and selling properties throughout the state during all kinds of economic conditions. Whatever the reasons for selling your home, this experienced realty team will work with you to ensure you get a fair price on your schedule.

kathy snyder

Is this your first time selling a home or have you been through the process before? In either case, it will be one of the most significant financial transactions of your life. By hiring a seasoned real estate team, you know they will have:

  • Expertise with the forms, disclosures, and technical aspects of your sale;
  • Access to an expansive pool of potential buyers searching your area;
  • Bullish negotiating chops to get you the right price;
  • Connections to mortgage brokers, attorneys, inspectors, and others you may need;
  • Commitment to the highest ethical standards; and
  • Dedication to providing you with the highest level of professionalism and communications to ensure you have an optimal experience.

For a full-time realtor to earn the mantle of success, they must close at least 10 to 20 transactions per year. Kathy Snyder has been doing so for more than two decades. In establishing the Snyder Realty Groups, she has attracted and surrounded herself with real estate professionals who share her philosophies of hard work, success, and compassion for clients throughout the home buying and selling process.

No matter how earnest a newly minted realtor may be, they will not be able to bring the breadth and depth of skills, knowledge, and experience needed to deal with today’s unique home selling experience. Home prices have reached record highs, but rising interest rates are starting to cool the market. You need a well-practiced realtor who has the ability to offer you flexible commission options and has a track record of handling and avoiding the pitfalls an experienced team provides.

Visit the Snyder Realty Group website to see what Kathy’s clients have to say about their experience working with her and her team.