When you need someone to work on your air conditioning, would you look to a professional with one day of experience? How about if you need to fix your kitchen sink? Would you hire an experienced plumber, or an intern? Well, when you are looking to sell or purchase a home, why would you even entertain the idea of using someone with very little experience? Veteran real estate agents can contribute benefits to your buying and selling experience that you might not have thought about. Such as;

  • Established relationships that will benefit their clients.
  • Access to important information and the knowledge to implement it.
  • Knowledge regarding the intricate process of buying and selling a home.

Let’s look at each of these ideas in greater detail.

First, an established real estate agent has developed relationships with other important professionals necessary to make the selling or buying process easier. There are bankers, lenders, contractors, inspectors, stagers, and so many others involved. If the timing of the proceedings goes off the rails, they know who to contact and will make sure everything comes back inline. They will make sure you don’t end up homeless when selling your home.

Next, you want a knowledgeable real estate professional on your side. Someone who is connected to the market. They not only know how to find the relevant information to make selling or buying a home an easier process, but they also know the best ways to use that information to their client’s benefit. They will explain any encumbrances in desired subdivisions, new developments emerging in the industry, and expected changes coming in the local market. Important information you will want to be updated on as your sale or purchase progresses.

Lastly, there are experiences veteran real estate agents have which they will apply to their clients’ current situations. Their knowledge and wisdom found through many years of closing on sales and purchases will be an advantage to clients. They know how the fluctuating market will ebb and flow, allowing them to have the perfect plan for the closing process. We all know transactions never really go the same way twice, but having that important understanding of how to negotiate, when to negotiate, when to push and when not to, will help make the transaction happen.

kathy snyder

When you are ready to move forward with selling or purchasing a home, be sure to work with an experienced real estate agent. The Snyder Realty Group will provide the knowledge base to make your transaction feel effortless. Get in touch with us right away to apply our abilities to your real estate needs.