When buying or selling a home, you want to get the most out of the experience and the maximum for your money. One of the best ways to ensure this is to hire the right Realtor to represent you. When you employ an experienced Realtor you enter into a partnership with someone who will always serve your best interests.

Homebuyers and sellers across the country are currently facing a low inventory market. This makes it more difficult for parties on both sides of the process. Working with a seasoned Realtor, like the professionals at the Snyder Realty Group located in Nashua, NH gives you an edge over the competition. Owner Kathy Snyder has more than two decades of experience with a proven track record of buying and selling for satisfied clients.

The following are some questions to ask when you interview various Realtors:

  • How long have you been in business and what is your sales volume
  • What ways will you communicate with me and how often can I expect to hear from you
  • Are you a full-time or part-time Realtor
  • Do you operate as a dual agent representing both the buyer and seller
  • Will I only deal with you, or will others from your office be contacting me

The question about dual agents is especially important. You want to be certain that your Realtor is looking out for your best interest only. If an agent represents both the buyer and seller, the person the agent is looking out for is themself. Where does that leave you?

When you are working with the professionals at Snyder Realty Group, you can be confident that the team is accountable to you. Whether we represent a buyer or seller, we only work toward that individual’s or family’s goals. We develop relationships with our clients to get to know their hopes and dreams. Is it a young family looking to put down roots and find a home near good schools and parks? Maybe it is an older couple looking to sell a home that is too big for their needs. Our buyer’s agents and listing agents will move heaven and earth to achieve your desired outcome.

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Each buyer and seller is unique. Snyder Realty Group never forgets that. While we track trends and crunch numbers, you are not a trend and certainly not a number. Our goal is to take you through each step of the process and reach a conclusion that leaves you completely satisfied. We are bound by the law to represent you and contractually required to perform.

It may be a low inventory market, but you still have plenty of choices. Contact the specialists at Snyder Realty Group to learn how we put the work into our relationship as your agent.